Online Registration

  • Welcome to Guntersville City Schools Online Registration

    If you already have an Online Regtistration account (Not the AccessCode for returning students) and are familiar with the registration process you can click the registration link below.

    *************************Online Registration Website********************

    Before you can register your child, you must first create an account on the registration site.


    The following are instructions only. The link above will take you to the Online Registration site.


    Create Account


    Create your account Username and Password.

    Create Account


    Is you child a returning student? If both, one child is in school and you have a child just starting select Yes.

    Create Account


    Add your Parent / Guardian information.

    NOTE: You can add a second Guardian at the bottom of the page.

    Create Account


    Add the student Information

    NOTE: You can add additional students at the bottom of the page.

    Create Account


    Complete the form

    Create Account


    If you have added additional students the above form will look like this.

    Create Account


    Select the School for each child.

    Create Account


    Complete this page

    Create Account


    Please review all this information on this page and then click Submit.

    Create Account



    If you HAVE been given an access code because you have a returning student, you will see additional forms to complete.

    If you did use an access code, you will automatically see the additional forms. Please review the information on those forms for accuracy. Please make any changes that are necessary to update your student's information.


    If you have NOT been given an access code because your student is new to Guntersville City Schools:

    The Counselor for the school you are registering at will review your application. Once your application has been approved, you will be asked to complete the registration process. This consists of some addtional forms which will ask for:

    • Any additional contacts you would like
    • Any medical concerns
    • Homeless questions
    • Home language questions
    • Other items